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Focus ST225 Intercooler - Big Power STRS Spec

Focus ST225 - Big Power Front Mount Intercooler Kit (STRS Spec)
Our STRS range has been developed for ST tuners reaching over 350bhp. Based on the design of our Focus RS Intercooler but with the pipe outlets to suit the Focus ST.
  • Full width design making the most of the available space behind the front bumper. Utilising the large opening in the bumper this cooler is 16.75% wider than the standard cooler and 100% taller.
  • Supplied with a chassis mount kit - Our cooler does not hang off the water radiator. In our opinion the small plastic tabs on the radiator are not strong enough to hang a large alloy cooler from
  • Does not block the air flow to the water cooling radiator like some other aftermarket designs. Because our cooler utilises a thinner core than standard to aid the ambient air flow whilst increasing the internal flow capacity by 16%.
  • Supplied complete with alloy ram air ducts to maximise the use of air flowing through bumper.
  • Easy fitment which can be done with the bumper in place. No cutting required.
  • Note - This cooler will not fit with the standard or our cold side pipe - You will need our STRS Spec cold side pipe or STRS spec boost pipe kit.
As tested in Performance Ford January 2011.
Highest power gains and biggest temperature drop of the group test!
"After careful analysis of all the stats we have decided to keep the Pro Alloy STRS cooler fitted to our ST" (Quote from the test - Performance Ford magazine)

    Available in either satin silver or satin black. With or without Pro Logo on core face
    Satin Silver
    Satin Black
    Core Face Logo