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Cotton Air Filter

As used on our Fiesta ST MK8 and MK7 Induction kit

This filter has a tough polyurethane polymer neck (eliminating the need for a silicone joiner section) as well as a pleated synthetic dual cone shaped filter element.

This filter has a dual-cone construction for maximum surface area, enabling the maximum possible flow rate.

The filter element is constructed using a specially formulated synthetic filter material sandwiched between two epoxy-coated aluminium wire mesh for structural support.


  • Internal Neck Diameter - 70mm (using supplied adapter) + 90mm
  • Filter Base Width - 152mm (6")
  • Filter Element Height - 120mm (4 3/4")
  • Filter Top Width - 120mm (4 3/4")
  • Filter Neck Length - 25mm (1")

Product Features

  • Easily Washable & Reusable
  • Pleated Synthetic material - NO oiling required
  • Dual Cone for Huge Surface Area