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C30 T5 Intercooler

Volvo C30 T5 Intercooler Kit

We believe this cooler to be the best unit in the world for the Volvo C30 T5. It's bigger and has better flow than any other unit on the market for this model.

The Intercooler is designed to run the full length of the bumper opening making the core length 760mm. We've seen competitors products at only 570mm. The height is 180mm and the thickness is 90mm. Both of these dimensions are bigger than competitor products.

We hand fabricate the rounded end tanks which help to turn and flow the internal air evenly and with minimal disturbance.

The end tanks are made from 3mm thick 5251 material which is welded inside and out for extra strength.

Designed for one of the worlds best known tuners in the Volvo market (Autotech Motorsport in Sweden) for their 400hp+ C30 T5. Our product considered the best points of competitors, disregarded them and started again so you get the best.

Don't compromise!

Available exclusively through JW racing.