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Octavia VRS Intercooler

Large Front Mount Intercooler for the 1.8T powered Octavia VRS MK1 1U.
Our cooler benefits from an unique vertical core design, which offers the following advantages;
  • Short pipe run as the inlet and outlet pipes are both on the same side.
  • High flow core - This is a single pass design which offers over double the flow rate of some double pass coolers.
  • High exposure - Every cooling tube in the core pass directly in front of the narrow cooling duct in the bumper (double pass coolers have 50% of the cooling tubes behind the bumper bar!)

These cores are extremely efficient due to their internal design. Each tube has dozens of fine alloy ‘fingers’ internally, which point into the charge air flow and grab the heat energy. High pressure extruded cores are very strong, our core will withstand 100 psi pressure.

Supplied complete with high quality black silicone hoses.
The kit is supplied with all brackets, clips, air temp adaptor.
Fitting time for this kit is estimated at 3 hours and can be done easily as a D.I.Y. fit.
The Alloy Pipes and Intercooler are available in either Satin Black or Satin Silver.
Satin Silver
Satin Black