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Aero 300 Cap and Flange

The Aero 300 is the first choice among designers and installers for every type of vehicle for land, sea and air in every part of the world.

Options: Non-Locking or Locking
Fixing Arrangement: 6 x M5 Countersunk Bolts
Applications: Fuel, Oil & Water Tanks
Finish: Anodised Clear (Silver)
Weight: 169 g
Supplied with: (6) Nylock Nuts
  (1) Nitrile bonded Cork Gasket
  (6) M5 x 12mm S/S screws
  (6) Washers
Centre-Forging: Aluminium Alloy 6082
Flange: Aluminium Alloy 6082/T6
O Ring: Viton A
Saddle: Acetal
Outside Diameter 94.0 mm
Centre Diameter 58.4 mm
Bolt Circle Dia (PCD) 76.2 mm (3.0”)
Overall Depth 33.7 mm
Bore 44.5 mm
Spigot 62.4 mm
Flange Thickness 3.25 mm