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180 Degree Aluminium Elbow

6063 grade aluminium elbows in various diameters. Wall thickness between 1.5mm - 2.1mm depending on diameter. Elbows come with swages on both ends and 152mm Leg lengths. See below for centre line radius and wall thickness. 

51mm OD pipe have 63.5mm CLR    - Wall thickness 1.8mm
60mm OD pipe have 84mm CLR       - Wall thickness 1.8mm
63mm OD pipe have 94.5mm CLR    - Wall thickness 1.7mm
70mm OD pipe have 104.2mm CLR  - Wall thickness 1.6mm
76mm OD pipe have 114.3mm CLR  - Wall thickness 1.5mm
102mm OD pipe are 151.8mm CLR  - Wall thickness 2.1mm

Outer Diameter