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Noble M12 / M400 Pipe Kit

Noble M400 high performance hard pipe / air intake pipe kit for the Noble M400.
This kit is designed to eliminate the 'Hoover hose' air intakes which come as standard. Manufactured from a combination of high grade alloy pipes and black silicone rubber hose joiners which has been proven to add up to 20 BHP.
We have two kits available, one to suit Nobles with the air filters in the Intercooler box and the other suits Nobles with filters mounted on the bulkhead.
If you are running a Forge dump valve we can add a threaded boss for you.
Alloy pipes are shown here in Satin Silver and are also available in Satin Black at no extra cost.
Please note: The Pro Alloy header tank is required to use this kit due to pipe clearances.
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Filter Location
Forge Dump Valve Boss