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MG Metro 6R4 Rally Car Radiator

66mm thick race radiator

Pro Alloy Aluminium Water Radiators are on average 50% lighter and 25% more efficient than the standard copper brass equivalent. Alloy Radiators are corrosion free and will out last even the best quality conventional radiator. Our radiators will keep your race car or your pride and joy cool, even on the hottest day.

Pro Alloy Radiator Cores are fully brazed in a controlled atmosphere process to comply with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. Our Cores all utilise wide port technology, this process offers superior air to water contact, thus maximising the heat rejection properties of the radiator.

Wide port tubes offer far greater water flow than the conventional 1/2” wide tubes and are very well suited to classic vehicles with iron engine blocks as the cores are far less likely to block with rust or sediment.

Available in either Satin Silver or Satin Black

Satin Silver
Satin Black