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BMW 135i Intercooler

We all know the 135i has huge tuning potential with its Twin Turbo Straight 6 Engine. One of the best ways to start getting hold of that extra power will be to change the restrictive OEM Intercooler for a larger high quality unit.

Our aim, as always here at Pro Alloy, was to create a very high quality package, but for this particular application we also recognised the need for this to be an easy to fit replacement for the standard intercooler, which also required no cutting of standard parts. All silicon hoses, alloy brackets, alloy elbows, hose clips, nuts and bolts are all included in the kit, which help make this kit a really quick and easy bolt-on up-grade.

The new unit offers an 18% increase in surface area over the standard intercooler and a massive 35% increase in internal flow area. Impressive figures for a car without a huge amount of spare space behind the front bumper!

The kit is supplied complete with hoses, stainless steel hose clips and mandrel bent alloy link pipe, which remove the need for the standard ‘push-fit’ type intercooler couplings to be retained, which can be susceptible to popping off in high boost applications. Re-manufacture of the nearside boost pipe has also enabled us to change the angle of the intercooler outlet pipe, which has resulted in the new boost pipe having a slightly straighter path without so many tight turns, which all help to improve internal charge air flow.

The beautifully hand crafted fabricated intercooler end tanks have been designed to offer the smoothest air flow transition possible in the small space available, hence their stylish curved design. We even go to the extremes of carefully TIG welding the end tanks internally and externally, ensuring that the internal detail is as blended and smooth as possible, very strong, and also lightweight. With this all aluminium construction you know there's no chance of boost leaks due to the end tanks failing, which can be an issue with the OEM style intercoolers and their brittle plastic crimped-on end tanks.

We are able to supply this fantastic kit in a stylish Satin Black finish for people preferring the discrete OEM look (shown here) or in an attractive natural brushed Satin Silver finish if preferred. 

Satin Silver
Satin Black