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1 Metre Silicon Hose Length

Suitable for automotive and marine applications. 3 to 5 ply reinforced construction, our silicone hoses offer excellent build quality with an inner liner.

Thanks to our quality material our small diameter lengths are very flexible and achieve an impressive bend radius without kinking. Polyester reinforced material suitable for Coolant / Glycol, Water, Steam & Air Etc... Diameters from 6 to 19mm are often used for water connection, breathers, heater matrix etc.. The flexibility of these hoses offers a piping solution for many applications.

Larger diameters offer good value for money as they allow you to cut to length Ideal for coolant, intercooler, air intake etc.

1 meter (3ft 3") straight length.

Supplied in Black as standard. As stocks allow these will come with Pro Logo.

Internal Diameter