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Noble M12 / M400 Intercooler

Double Core Intercooler upgrade for the M12 GTO2.5, M12 GTO3, M12 GTO3R and M12 400.

Designed as a collaboration between Pro Alloy and Roush technologies, this all new design utilises a unique twin core system, this gives almost double the capacity of the standard cooler. This unit is effectively two intercoolers built into a single package.
The twin fabricated inlet end tanks allow both turbos to enter the cooler without conflict or disturbance of the internal air flow, this gives a far better distribution of the boost charge, ensuring solid performance in both heat dissipation and minimising pressure loss.
Fitting is simple with minimal adjustments to the existing intercooler cowl.
The kit is supplied complete with a replacement alloy feed pipe, shaped silicone pipework and rearward facing bolt on cowls designed to aid air flow.
Available in either Satin Silver or Satin Black
Satin Silver
Satin Black