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Seat Ibiza Cupra Intercooler

Front Mount Intercooler for the Seat Ibiza MK2 Facelift 
Mounting a large intercooler to the Ibiza has always been a problem due to a lack of space.
The Pro Alloy Ibiza Front Mount Intercooler utilises a huge 540 x 300 x 40mm slim line intercooler core which fits neatly behind the standard bumper.
The pipe runs are all produced from 60mm Alloy and Silicone pipe work to allow full flow of air without restriction to flow or more importantly the ground clearance as no pipes run underneath the car.
This Intercooler conversion still allows the fitment of A/C with no cutting required to the front bumper.
This kit is also available with a 50mm thick core for higher power models - however please note that modifications to the bumper will be required if you are fitting with air con.
Silicone pipes are in black as standard. The alloy pipes and Intercooler are available in either Satin Black or Satin Silver. The core face can have our well recognised Pro logo or for a more subtitle look be left plain.
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Core Face Logo