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About Us

Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd have over 35 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of high performance alloy water radiators, intercoolers and fuel systems. 
From race cars to fast road cars through to thoroughbred classics and even marine sports and leisure craft, Pro Alloy has the solution to ensure your vehicle of choice stands head and shoulders above the competition.
Unlike many companies, Pro Alloy have always been happy to manufacture products to a customers specific, individual requirements. During the fabrication process we like to work closely with our clients to help and advise on tolerances, specifications and the design of an individual component.
We understand that for many even the look of a component is important, that's why you don't get any strange looks if you ask for something to be polished a bit more or for a particular part to be anodised etc!
Over the years we have gained a vast experience through the research and development of custom products and have designed and manufactured items for a multitude of different applications, from pre-war classics cars to some of the latest race cars, top fuel drag bikes and rally cars.
Often it is the engine manufacturer that gets all the credit for that extra performance but underneath the bonnet it's more likely a Pro Alloy product giving you that extra winning edge!