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Megane MK2 R26 225 Intercooler

Renault Megane RS225 R26 R26R Intecooler

Designed as a straight swap for the standard Renault Unit, the new Pro Alloy R26 Intercooler requires no additional kit parts as it uses the standard Renault fixings but benefits from a significant increase in surface area and internal flow.

Renault Specialists RS Tuning carried out some detailed back-to-back testing, comparing the new Pro Alloy intercooler against some of the other popular intercoolers available for the R26. See Results of the test below


Megane R26 Intercooler Comparison Test By RS Tuning

The test vehicle used was a fully forged R26 with cams, hybrid turbo, fuel system and mapped to run open loop boost control on the stock ECU, this way the ECU will NOT compensate and always run a fixed mapped value for waste gate duty cycle.


The car was mapped previously with the Forge 60mm intercooler so we tested that one first for a baseline.

Ambient Cell Temp 14.8 

Intake Temp before run 16.25 

After run 31.88 

Boost pressure 1.61 @ 1.62 bar @ 6000 RPM Logged on the intake manifold

Power 367.4 BHP and 368.5 BHP 


Then onto the 90mm Airtec 

Ambient Cell Temp 14.7 

Intake before run 16.25 

After run 20.63 

Boost pressure 1.55 @ 1.56 bar @ 6000 RPM Logged on the intake manifold 

Power 362.2 BHP and 365.4 BHP


Then the final cooler, the new Pro Alloy 60mm 

Ambient Cell Temp 15 

Intake before run 16.88 

After run 31.88 

Boost pressure 1.63 @ 1.63 bar @ 6000 RPM Logged on the intake manifold 

Power 368.1 BHP and 370.7 BHP 


As you can see the cell temp and initial intake temp prior to the runs is pretty much the same. The graphs are below overlaid and labelled so you can see each pull.  

As you can see the Airtec had the lowest charge temperature due to the size of the heavy bar and plate core but this also caused quite a sizeable pressure drop, losing out on initial spool, peak torque and peak power. You can see the boost pressure on the graph for each run.

The interesting thing is that the Pro Alloy cooler actually caused knock correction due to the extra flow but for the test the map remained the same. Once finished we tuned the car to suit the Pro Alloy Intercooler and ended up gaining 20lbft of torque at the same boost mid-range and 5hp more at the top where we removed the advance causing knock correction.

Available in either Satin Black or Satin Silver

Satin Silver
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