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135 Degree Silicone Elbow

Suitable for automotive and marine applications. 3 and 4 ply reinforced construction, our 135 degree hoses offer excellent build quality with an inner liner.

8mmID - 48mmID hoses are supplied in 3 ply material (4mm wall)

51mmID - 102mmID hoses are supplied in 4 ply material (5mm wall)


6mmID to 83mmID hoses are supplied with 102mm (4") centre line leg lengths

89mmID to 152mmID hoses are supplied with 125mm centre line leg lengths


Diameters from 8 to 19mm are often used for water connection, breathers, heater matrix etc.. Larger hoses are commonly used for air ducting. Note; Dimensions are internal diameter

Supplied in Black as standard. As stocks allow these will come with Pro Logo.

Internal Diameter