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Pro Tank - PT670 - Boot Mounted Fuel Tank

The Pro Tanks are generic fuel tanks which are designed to comply with competition regulations and offer a straightforward solution for a boot mounted fuel cell.

All Pro Tanks have the same cross-sectional dimensions - 200mm height x 340mm depth. The PT670 is 670mm wide with a capacity of 44 litres.

All tanks are built to comply with MSA regulations and include Aero style filler cap with spill tray, internal anti-surge collector, type IV polyether safety foam, black 6 x 10 access plate, AN6 rollover / breather valve, AN8 supply outlet, AN6 return fitting, mounting facility for a VDO dip pipe fuel sender unit & rubber sleeved stainless steel strap kit for simple floor mounting. If you have an uneven boot floor, we offer an optional laser cut mounting tray which comes in very handy for creating a level base for mounting.

Our standard configuration places the AN8 outlet on the rear face of the tank, mounted centrally along the lower edge. It is fed via the internal collector chamber and in this format the tanks are ideally suited for supplying external gravity fed fuel pumps. The AN6 return is mounted on the upper access plate and is plumbed back to the collector via an internal feed pipe.

Internal Collector - This is a fabricated chamber with three one way check valves that is fitted inside the tank. Its purpose is to collect fuel as it moves across the tank and hold it around the fuel pick up point. This ensures a stable fuel supply and negates the need for an external swirl pot.

Optional Extras:

Alloy Mount Tray – The perfect option for mounting on an uneven floor.

Add Fuel Level Sender – VDO tube style sender with 1-90 ohm resistance.

Custom Applications:

Please contact our technical team for advice on designing the perfect fuel tank for your requirements. We can change the fittings and the filler specifications to suit any application, we can also offer the installation of internal fuel pumps if required. Contact our team for further information.

External Configuration