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Westfield Header Tank

Designed and created in-house to directly fit against the angled bulkhead found on Westfield’s. The first header tank was hand-built as a custom one-off design part for a customer who brought in his Mellow Yellow Westfield for a full cooling system overhaul! We ended up keeping the design, drawings of the header tank to re-create the tank in future and offer to other Westfield owners! With a couple of slight revisions to the original one-off version, the one you see here features a 19mm return pipe as used most commonly on the Westfield’s and being the same port size as the commonly used plastic ford header tank that is usually found or used on the Westfield.

If you are thinking of replacing your brittle plastic header tank due to wear or already begun splitting, or simply want to ‘dress up’ the engine bay, this is could be the perfect addition!

Due to the Westfield having a fibreglass bulkhead, we also supply two backing plates that are used to go on the opposing side of the fibreglass which ensures the header tank will not be able to pull through the material at any point, un-like other header tanks which are simply riveted to the bulkhead.

Available in a either stain silver or satin black, with or without sight glass.

Satin Silver
Satin Black
Sight Glass Option