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Clio MK4 Radiator

Clio MK4 RS 200T/220T Trophy Radiator Upgrade

The development of this new product was brought about by strong demand for a high quality replacement alloy radiator to combat high water temps for tuned vehicles. As these cars are readily producing much higher power outputs than standard, the demands placed upon the already stressed radiator have exceeded acceptable levels. We have carefully selected a bespoke core to take care of these issues, vastly improving cooling capacity and therefore reliability.

The standard Clio radiator uses a very restrictive core design, limiting even water flow and efficient heat transfer. The cross sectional port areas are very small, creating a restricted water path and therefore poor thermal efficiency. We have overcome these design flaws with our tried and tested wide port core, plus adding both depth and tube flow length at the same time. Overall, our new core has over double the cooling capacity of the original radiator.

Featuring all alloy construction and handmade in our workshop, the new radiator is a direct fit into the car with no alterations necessary. The original fan cowling is reused and there is no need to re-gas the a/c system. The new radiator is the perfect complement to the RS Tuning intercooler upgrade, guaranteeing unmatched performance and ultimate reliability.

Also available is our unique air blade kit which is a bolt on accessory. The radiator in the Clio sits on an angle to the ambient airflow, which is far from ideal. Our air blade kit creates an efficient duct which minimises air flow loss, channelling the air onto the core faces and providing additional cooling power even under the most demanding conditions.

Both intercooler and air blade kit are available in either satin silver (shown here) or satin black with or without the 'PRO' logo on core face.

Satin Silver
Satin Black
Air Blade Kit