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Audi S1 8X Competition Spec Intercooler

The development for the Pro Alloy Audi S1 intercooler began with an enquiry from a customer who needed a high performance upgrade without the need for making big irreversible changes to his car. The current availability of aftermarket intercoolers was limited to inefficient core types and designs, some requiring major modification to install. We took the opportunity to develop a user friendly kit that bolts on in place of the original bumper bar and requiring only a tiny amount of plastic trimming to the front panel and inside front lower edge of the bumper which is unseen.

The Pro Alloy S1 kit is sold as competition specification, not road spec due to the bumper bar change. The only further recommendation is to use the RS Style honeycomb grille for greater airflow. The kit bolts on to original mounting fixtures, and even the towing eye feature is retained. The intercooler core is a well proven tube and fin design, lightweight and far more efficient than bar and plate types which will struggle with heat soak and recovery inlet temps. This core is regularly used for power levels of 500bhp.

The key to the new intercoolers performance is the increase in core surface area, generating low inlet temps where other offerings struggle to make big improvements. We have achieved a growth in core surface area of 113% over standard, plus we have added 40% of internal volume to cope with increased boost demands. The intercoolers are finished in satin black or silver powder coat finish, with or without the “PRO” logo.