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Escort MK1 & MK2 Fuel Tank

Designed to eliminate fuel surge. This 12 Gallon long range fuel tank is a direct fit to the Escort MK1 and MK2 boot floor. Our unique design means that our tank does not require a welded platform to be fitted to the boot of the car.

Features include;

  • Internal collector consisting of PRO 3 x 1 way ball valves.
  • -10 JIC Pick Up and -6 JIC Return
  • Rollover Valve (Breather Valve)
  • CNC machined mounts and fittings
  • Laser cut body
  • Beautifully TIG welded by our skilled engineers
  • Pressure tested to ensure quality and reliability 

Filling options available;

  1. Aero style in boot filler assembly complete with rubber spill tray.
  2. Remote filler assembly which will connect the tank to the original filler in the rear 1/4 of the car.
    Options available;
    • Can have the use of the OE lever arm fuel level sender or can have a modern VDO fuel level sender unit fitted. - If supplied with VDO sender the tank will have MSA approved polyether type IV safety foam. Tanks fitted with standard sender units can not be foam filled.
    • Mounting kit available including - Stainless steel straps, rubber liners and mounting hardware. 
    • VDO Fuel Gauge to work with VDO Level Sender available.

    Alloy Tank Using
    Filling Style

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