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Mini 1.6L R50 / R52 / R53 - A/C condenser unit

Our new range of PRO A/C condenser units!

We have seen over the years that these can deteriate and begin to cause further airflow restrictions to the main water Radiator behind if fins become damaged and block air from passing through the unit. This is a direct replacement for the oriignal A/C unit.

The Condenser acts like a radiator for the A/C system on a car and is generally located at the front where it can take advantage of Ram Air passing through the front grills which in turn help cool the high pressure vapour/liquid which was compressed by the compressor.

Core Dimensions: 625 x 302 x 16 mm

Our new range of A/C condesner units are built to an OEM quality and something we believe adds well to our large catalague of growing Mini parts that we have to offer.

Can come with or without PRO logo added.