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Do you have a quick question on intercoolers, fuel tanks, radiators or anything Pro Alloy related? Find answers here or maybe learn something new!

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Where is Pro Alloy? Haverhill, Suffolk, United Kingdom.

When did Pro Alloy start? 2004

What does Alloy mean? General term for a mix of metals.

What type of welding does Pro Alloy do? Tungsten Inert Gas - T.I.G.

Why are Pro Alloy products more expensive? All our parts are hand-made in the UK using only the finest components.

Do Pro Alloy just work on cars?No, we have worked with motorcycles, aircraft, marine craft and industrial applications.

What development cars do Pro Alloy have? BMW F10 M5, Fiesta Mk7 ST, Fiesta Mk8 ST, V8 Mustang, Mk7.5 Golf R.

Can Pro Alloy work on my car? Yes, by appointment.

Can I get my parts fitted by Pro Alloy? Yes, but space is limited and bookings need to be made well in advance.

What does a car radiator do? Takes hot coolant from the engine and reduces its temperature.

What are radiators made of? Older units were typically made in copper / brass, these days aluminium is widely used.

What engine coolant should I use? In most applications, it is acceptable to use water mixed with a good quality antifreeze. Some manufacturers use a specific undiluted coolant.

Why is antifreeze added to a car radiator? To prevent the coolant from freezing in cold weather. It also acts as a corrosion inhibitor and increases the surface tension of the water.

How big should my radiator be? A custom-built radiator should have as large a surface area as possible.

Will a bigger radiator add BHP? Not directly, but it will provide greater reliability and help to maintain engine performance.

What temperature should my coolant be when running? Generally around 80 – 90 deg C

What is a coolant temperature sensor? An electrical switch that operates due to a change in temperature. Generally used for controlling electric fans.

Where should my coolant temperature sensor be positioned? We prefer to fit the temp switch in the cooler side of the radiator, so the fan becomes active if the water temp is not reduced sufficiently in the radiator.

Do I need a fan on my radiator? For most applications it is a sensible option.

What is a viscous fan? A mechanical fan that is activated via a temperature change.

Should I have a painted black or brushed silver radiator? It is a personal choice, but the layer of coating will help to prevent corrosion, therefore adding protection which will extend the service life.

Can I paint my radiator myself?Yes, but bare metal surfaces should be etch primed after being prepped and de-greased.

How do you test if a radiator has a leak? Pressurise the unit with air and submerge it in a water tank.

Can you repair a leaking radiator? Sometimes, depending on the condition and age of the unit.

What warranty does a Pro Alloy radiator have? 12 months from the date of supply.

What is an intercooler? It is a component which lowers the air intake temperature in cars which have forced induction, either via a turbocharger or supercharger.

What does an intercooler do?Takes hot boost air from a charger and reduces its temperature.

Does my car have an intercooler? If your car has a turbo or supercharger, then most likely it will have some feature for cooling the intake air as it enters the inlet manifold.

What is an intercooler made from? We make these in aluminium, OE manufactured units are usually plastic tanks on an alloy core.

What does FMIC stand for? Front Mount Intercooler.

Does an intercooler add horsepower?Yes, if it has been properly built for the application.

How big does my intercooler need to be? It depends on the application and use, but we generally prefer to over-engineer them slightly.

Does a bigger intercooler increase turbo lag? Possibly yes, but only if it has not been correctly designed for its intended application.

Can I put an intercooler on a supercharged set up? Yes, depending on the engine configuration.

Should I have a painted black or brushed silver intercooler? It is a personal choice, but the layer of coating will help to prevent corrosion, therefore adding protection which will extend the service life.

Can I paint my intercooler myself? Yes, but bare metal surfaces should be etch primed first after being prepped and de-greased.

How do you test an intercooler for leaks? Pressurise the unit with air and submerge it in a water tank.

Can you make a custom intercooler? Yes.

What warranty does a pro alloy intercooler have? 12 months from the date of supply.

What other names do people use for boost pipe work? Hard pipe kit, Pipe kit, Boost Pipes.

Does my car have boost pipe work? If your car has a turbo or supercharger, usually yes.

What does boost pipework do? Carries the pressurised air from the charger to the throttle body, usually via an intercooler or chargecooler.

What are the disadvantages of standard pipework? Sometimes restrictive in diameter, plastic pipes can be prone to splitting.

Are upgraded boost pipes steel or aluminium? Our boost pipe kits are usually a combination of alloy pipes with silicon hoses.

Is it easy to change my boost pipework? Usually yes, but some pipes can be awkwardly placed.

Why is it better to have aluminium pipes rather than silicone? Alloy pipes will not expand under boost.

Will I get more power for adding a boost pipe kit? In conjunction with an upgraded intercooler, yes.

Will I need a remap after fitting new pipework? Unlikely, it is best to do this once the new intercooler and pipework has been installed.

Can a boost pipe leak be repaired? Damaged metal pipes can usually be re-welded, split silicon hoses must be replaced.

Does it matter if my pipework is twisty / bendy? Sometimes it is not achievable, but it is better to keep the routing as direct as possible.

Does it matter if my boost run is long or short? Shorter is preferable, but not always possible.

Is boost pipework the same as an induction kit? No, induction refers to the air inlet, not the boost circuit.

Can I add a boost pipe kit to a standard intercooler? Yes, but it is unlikely to create any benefit unless the OE parts were faulty.

Can you build me custom boost pipes? Yes, if the pipes can be drawn or patterns can be supplied.

Why do I need a new fuel tank?If there are issues with fuel delivery / system performance, or there are regulations that you need to adhere to.

Does my track car need a Pro Alloy fuel tank? A bespoke fuel tank will offer a more stable fuel delivery and can incorporate additional features which would not be found in a standard production car.

Are fuel tanks steel or aluminium? Our fuel tanks are made in aluminium. Most OE fuel tanks are steel or moulded plastic.

What size fuel tank should I have? How much do you enjoy visiting petrol stations?

Can you fabricate a custom fuel tank? Yes.

Does a fuel tank need a vent / breather? Yes, if the tank cannot breathe then a vacuum will be created as the fuel level drops.

Can I put my fuel tank in the boot? Yes, but you should have a firewall to separate the fuel tank from the occupants of the car.

What is the foam in a fuel tank for? To displace the void space above the fuel level where fuel vapour would build up. It also limits fuel movement during violent cornering.

What is MSA compliance? A series of regulations issued by the governing body of Motorsport UK.

Does my fuel tank comply with MSA regulations? Our fuel tanks are made to comply with the MSA guidelines and will have the approved safety features included.