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Il tuo carrello è vuoto

dicembre 16, 2022 2 min read

As Pro Alloy continues to grow, we look at new ways to expand our capabilities, offer an increased range of products and services and, most importantly, continue improving our customer service.

Our latest advancement comes in the form of manufacturing software, more specifically, material resource planning software or MRP for those who don't have all day to say that mouthful.

Choosing Statiias our MRP partner and vendor. As manufacturers themselves, they've built their Statii MRP with the small to medium business in mind. Helping us increase production efficiency, control costs, maintain exceptional quality and further improve our production capabilities.

So how will you benefit from our MRP?
No more 'it should be with you in...'

They'll be a lot more "it'll be with you on..."

Our new MRP includes a live data scheduling system with precision capacity information. We can provide accurate initial delivery dates. If there are any bottlenecks, such as late material deliveries, we can instantly update you and make you aware of any changes.

No news is good news though, so if you don't hear from us after placing the order, you can rest easy knowing that everything is going to plan.

No more 'let me see'

You can expect to hear, "we have plenty in" or "not currently, but we can get some in within X days".

Our new inventory system goes beyond just seeing what's in stock, and we can now see what's held in inventory and what's going to be withdrawn with jobs currently live. Providing a much-improved view of future stock quantities, eliminating any miscalculation.

No more 'i'll get back to you'

You'll hear a lot more, "give me a second and send it right now."

We often get asked for documents and understand things get lost and misplaced. Statii now automatically files our documents for us, attaching everything to the sales order, which is filed in your customer profile. The same goes for our suppliers; every purchase order will be logged in their profile, and resending a document is four clicks away.