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Focus RS Mk3 Water Meth Tank

This all-new development is a user-friendly option for a generous capacity water meth reservoir for the RS Mk3 Focus.

With very limited engine bay space, we chose to mount this tank underneath the gearbox, using standard mounting holes so that no additional drilling or cutting is required, whilst allowing the tank to sit behind the lower air inlet duct so as not to impede cooling airflow.

The filler neck is situated in an easy to reach position in the engine bay, allowing quick refills when required.

The tank itself holds approx 6-litres, and the main reservoir is anodised internally to provide protection against corrosion. The exterior surfaces are powder coated for additional protection and improved aesthetics.

This kit has been designed to accept the Aquamist hardware, which includes the fluid level sensor and the filtered pickup union (available separately from Aquamist)