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Reducing Straight Silicon Joiner

Suitable for automotive and marine applications. 3 to 5 ply reinforced construction our straight hoses offer excellent build quality with an inner liner.

Polyester reinforced material suitable for Coolant / Glycol, Water, Steam & Air Etc. Smaller diameters are often used for water connection, breathers, heater matrix etc. Bigger diameters are ideal for coolant, intercooler, air intake etc.

8 - 6mm to 48 - 44mm are 3 ply - 4mm thick wall.

51 - 38mm to 89 - 80mm are 4 ply - 5mm thick wall.

102 - 76mm to 152 - 127mm are 5 ply - 6mm thick wall.


Up to (and including) 102 - 89mm are 100mm (4") long.

114 - 102mmID and above are 150mm (6") long.

Supplied in Black as standard. As stocks allow these will come with Pro Logo.

Internal Diameter