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Focus RS Mk3 Diff Cooler

It became apparent very quickly that the standard differential unit fitted to the RS Mk3 Focus was going to be a problem area regarding running temperatures. Even moderate track use will very quickly overheat the oil and the result of this is a car which needs to rest to cool down.

The OE diff only holds 600cc of oil, and it takes very little time for this to reach temperatures which climb beyond the parameters set in the electronic management. Our differential oil cooler is a bolt on kit which provides an external oil cooler, stand-alone pump and plumbing via the set of braided hoses and supplied unions.

This provides an additional cooling cycle and adds 75% to the oil capacity. We also add a provision to the kit so that a temperature probe can be installed, and this can then be configured into a separate management system to run the pump according to the requirement.

The kit includes the oil cooler, all plumbing hoses, machined fittings and pump. We also provide two specially made brackets, one for the oil pump and one for the oil cooler, the latter of which also forms a bash plate to protect the lower oil connection.

The kit is a full bolt-on assembly, with no drilling, cutting or permanent changes required to the car. However a separate management system or electrical circuit will be required to run the pump according to the desired parameters.

*Colour of fittings on Oil Lines may differ / image for illustration purposes only