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VDO Tubular Level Sensor

Immersion tubular-type sensors are also used for measurement of the fuel level, in association with an electrical indicating device.

How They Work

The liquid of the fuel level to be measured contains a floater, which rises or falls when the level changes. Contact springs, which are attached to the floater, slide over two resistance wires running parallel to the floater movement and set up a resistance value which is proportional to the liquid level. The value of the respective resistance is measured with an electrical indicating device and displayed in terms of fuel level values. The liquid to be monitored reaches the conduit through a flood boring. By this means, the inflow and outflow speed and the transmission of short term variations of the liquid level to the floater contained in the conduit (e.g. due to in case of cornering or braking) is dampened. With some transmitters the grounding is attached to the casing. Other transmitters are without grounding, i.e. the grounding is routed over a separate connection. Tubular-type sensors can be additionally equipped with a warning contact, in order to signal the attaining of a filling level limit value (reserve), as well as for continuous measurement.

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