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Sierra Cosworth Intercooler - 50mm Core

Sierra Cosworth Intercooler 50mm RS500 Style
Design features include;
50mm thick core. The original RS500 intercooler and most 500 intercooler replicas have only 40mm cores.

Extruded tubes.
These cores are extremely efficient due to their internal design. Each tube has dozens of fine alloy fins internally, which point into the charge air flow and grab the heat energy.

High pressure.
Extruded cores are very strong, our RS500 core will withstand 100 psi. pressure. Our cores are fully brazed in a controlled atmosphere process to comply with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.
High flow
Our end tanks and tubes are shaped to allow maximum air flow, the flared pipes on entry and exit positions aid air flow at this potentially restrictive point thus making the car more responsive and helps the turbo to hold higher boost levels.
Can be supplied in either Satin Silver or Satin Black, with our without Pro Alloy Logo on core face.

A quote from a happy customer
"I have fitted my Pro Alloy on my 4wd saph. I must say I'm really happy with it. My saph drives with the pro alloy IC on a 30 degree day like my old 4wd IC on a cold day. And its really responsive. Its a proper piece of kit". Thanks, Wim van der Werf. 16/8/04
A quote from Performance Ford magazine sept 2004
"As soon as we got the intercooler out of the box we knew it was going to be good. The overall finish of the unit is absolutely spot on, the pictures don't do it justice, it's almost a shame to fit it to an oily engine bay". " The owner of the test car chose the PRO ALLOY unit to be the one he would have on his car and he actually removed the genuine RS500 unit to fit the PRO ALLOY intercooler after the test was completed"
Available in satin silver or satin black
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Core Face Logo