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Noble M12 / M400 Oil Breather

Alloy Oil Separator / Breather for the Noble M12 and M400.
Its a well known fact that high powered turbocharged engines 'breathe' an oil air vapour mix. The purpose of  our oil separator is to contain this vapour and separate the oil from the air. The air is then ejected through a pipe to the back of the vehicle whilst the oil is returned to the sump.

Advantages are; 
  • All alloy construction does not rust like the original unit.
  • The oil is re turned to the tank.
  • No external filter used, therefore no oil vapour expelled into the engine bay.
  • Easy fitment, no drilling required
  • Reduces the oil vapour being consumed by the engine - Oil vapour depletes the octane rating of your fuel and can cause detonation.
Available in either Satin Silver or Satin Black.

Supplied with air exit pipe.
Please select 2.5l or 3.0l Engine from below as the tanks are different
Satin Silver
Satin Black

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