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Golf MK4 GTi Intercooler

VW Golf MK4 1.8t Front Mount Intercooler Kit
Ideal for high powered cars. Completely new low lag/high flow pipe run all in 60mm dia. Designed to eliminate boost drop-off at high revs without introducing turbo lag.
Huge 50mm extruded core - Large surface area to maximise the use of the cool air flow at the front of the car without compromising the performance of the air conditioning and water radiator.
Still allows the fitment of air con - Our neat cooling package re-mount system moves the radiator and condenser package backwards in the car to make space for the large Intercooler without the need for de-gassing the air conditioning or modifying the integrity of the bumper bar arrangement.

No cutting of the front bumper required

Designed to cope with higher power cars which may have IHI/Garrett turbo upgrade or standard turbo.

Requires "Anniversary" type front bumper.
Available in either Satin Silver or Satin Black - With or without Pro logo on core face. 
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Core Face Logo