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Focus ST225 Intercooler

This cooler is proven to add 16.9 BHP and 11ft/ilb gains even to a standard car!
Features include;
  • Lightweight alloy tube and fin construction.
  • 150mm longer core than standard utilising more of the large opening in the bumper. This also leaves all of the upper grille open allowing free flowing air to the water radiator.
  • 100mm taller core than standard giving 72% more flow area. This will allow the boost pressure to be held higher in the rev range.
  • 63mm thick extruded core which is 63% thicker than the standard unit.
  • Tapered and flowed end tanks/pipes to aid air flow.
  • CNC Laser cut mounting brackets
Easy fitment with no cutting required. This unit can even be fitted without removing the front bumper.
Available in either satin silver or satin black.
Satin Silver
Satin Black
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