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Focus RS MK2 Intercooler - Big Power Ultimate Spec

Focus RS MK2 - Big Power Front Mount Intercooler Kit (Ultimate Spec)
As it's nickname suggests, this is the ultimate in cooling for the Focus RS MK2.
Developed and extensively tested on SCC's Monster 500 bhp RS, our ultimate kit is a straightforward fit with only two small holes required in the underside of the bumper bar. You will see a benefit with this intercooler when reaching 450bhp+
The ultimate intercooler uses 90mm thick high volume core, with extruded tube to give further strength and reliability. Also comes complete with integrated air duct which will fit tightly to the back of the standard RS bumper to catch all the free flowing air. Large heavy duty brackets are included to mount the intercooler securely. 
A replacement strong lightweight alloy cold side pipe is included in the kit. This larger bore pipe is 70mm diameter from the intercooler to the throttle body, and can be supplied with or without the symposer connection port.
Other parts in the kit include high quality 5 ply silicone hoses, stainless steel hose clips, horn re-mount bracket, plus all nuts and bolts needed for installation.
The OEM hose and pipe arrangement from the turbo to intercooler does fit straight on. However this cooler will benefit from fitting our optional turbo side (hot side) pipe kit.
Available in either satin silver or satin black. With or without Pro Logo on core face
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Core Face Logo