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Focus RS MK2 Boost Pipe Kit

Our hard pipe kit for the RS MK2 is an absolute must for high power cars. It eliminates all the restrictions created by the standard boost pipes whilst offering added strength and reliability to higher boost applications.
We supply the full kit, replacing the restrictive steel 48mm bore link pipe with a full length lightweight alloy pipe with 60mm bore. As well as a high flow alloy cold side pipe, designed to eliminate the restriction caused by the standard plastic convoluted pipe.
Easy fitment with no modifications required. Designed to fit the original Ford symposer pipe, however the kit can be supplied without if you wish to remove the symposer altogether - On some higher boost cars the symposer pipe can cause problems.
Strong lightweight design, CNC machined boss, stainless steel hose clips, high quality 5 ply silicone hoses with the turbo outlet hose supplied with high temperature Nomex lining for added strength.
Can be used with our front mount intercooler or with the standard unit.
Available in either satin silver or satin black. Black, blue or green silicone hoses, with or without symposer pipe.
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Silicone Hose Colour

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