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Focus RS MK1 Radiator

The Focus RS MK1 is notorious for heat build up!
The tight packaging with the turbo fitted directly behind the water radiator builds huge amounts of heat, this is made worse when the car is modified with aftermarket turbos and tubular manifolds as they radiate even more heat into the cooling system.
We have a solution, developed and extensively tested on a high powered RS's with a turbo and manifold upgrade. Our water radiator lowers and stabilises temperatures to a sensible level whilst its all alloy construction ensures it can cope with the higher heat energy and pressure outputs of a highly tuned engine.
Fitting is simple as it retains all the points and fixtures of the OEM radiator meaning the original fans can still be used.
Available in either satin silver or satin black. Shown here in satin black with optional logo core face.
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Core Face PRO Logo