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Fiesta ST MK7 Pro Spec Intercooler - Curved

Suited to tuners aiming for 230 - 350bhp.

The Pro Alloy ‘PRO’ spec curved Fiesta ST front mount intercooler has been specifically designed and developed to cater for the demand within the Ford tuning industry for a high quality, high performance intercooler kit which can still be fitted to the car without the need to cut, modify or remove any of the original front panel or bumper detail, but still be very capable of dealing with the ever growing desire to push these great little pocket-rockets further and further with their power figures. This intercooler perfectly fills the gap between our original Fiesta ST Front Mount kit and our ‘Competition’ Spec kit.

Back in 2013 when we developed our original large uprated front mount intercooler for the Fiesta ST, 250 BHP was considered as ‘Big Power’ for these great little cars! However, things have moved on a lot with the tuning of the Fiesta ST, many specialists and tuning companies now offering a variety of different turbo conversions, it’s now not unusual to see road cars running in excess of 330 BHP.

The limitations with the design of our original Front Mount kit, and for most other manufacturers of kits for the Fiesta, are simply down to the space available between the bumper bar and the rear of the bumper. However, Pro Alloy have developed some new processes and some impressive techniques allowing us to build curved intercooler cores, which for this application have enabled us to build a core which is curved to exactly mirror the profile of the Fiesta bumper bar.

This new curved design has enabled us to build a thicker, full frontal intercooler which boasts an all important and impressive 45% increase in calculated internal flow capabilities over our original Fiesta ST front mount kit.

In addition to this, the core is constructed utilising our lightweight ultra high efficiency core design, which benefits from a thin wall tube extrusion giving the optimum in strength, heat transfer properties and high boost performance.

This combined with the exceptional internal flow capabilities, ensures that this intercooler not only provides excellent cooling, but also provides exceptional performance with very little pressure drop ensuring throttle response and ‘Lag’ is greatly improved over a number of other intercoolers available for this car.

  • Huge core surface area and Internal flow capabilities
  • Minimum ambient airflow restriction - ensuring free flowing air will still reach the radiator so water cooling isn’t compromised.
  • Ultimate lightweight high efficiency extruded intercooler core design
  • Handcrafted smooth flowing fabricated & TIG welded end tank design for optimum internal flow
  • Light weight unit - A massive advantage over bar and plate style intercoolers.
  • Simple DIY fit with no drilling or cutting required.

Fiesta ST MK7 ‘PRO’ Spec (Curved) Intercooler – Test Date 18.12.18

Vehicle Details

APT Fiesta ST -  Stage 4 Revo / RT330 Turbo / Measured Peak Power = 330 BHP

 Result Summary 

  • Peak Intercooler Inlet Temp °c = 182.47 °c
  • Peak Intercooler Outlet Temp °c = 29.71 °c
  • Peak Ambient Temp at reading point = 19.12 °c


  • Ambient air temperature reading measured inside Dyno cell against offside cell wall, in-line with front of car using Type K Thermocouple sensor.
  • Intercooler inlet & outlet temperature readings measured at on centreline of pipe diameter 
This kit includes everything needed to complete the installation. You will receive; Pro Alloy Curved Intercooler, strong, lightweight alloy pipe work, silicone joiners, stainless steel hose clips and 2 rubber grommets. Leading to a simple installation that can be tackled by home mechanics of all experience levels.
Our kit can be supplied powder coated in satin black for the discreet look, or if you fancy more visual impact we can supply in brushed aluminium satin silver. With or without our 'PRO' logo on the core face. Silicone hoses available in a range of colours.
Satin Silver
Satin Black
Core Face Logo
Silicone Hose Colour

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    Curved Intercooler ST 180

    Excellent service from pro alloy and the intercooler is excellent in Quality and performance