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Exige S Uprated Intercooler Kit

High Performance Alloy Intercooler for the Lotus Exige S. This is a direct replacement for the OEM Intercooler with a simple bolt on fitment.
Features include;
* Pressed alloy end tanks with rounded corners which offer both an increase in strength and flow over the standard cooler.
*120mm thick core (OEM 86mm, Cup intercooler 110mm)
* Core 40mm longer than standard
* Supplied complete with 40mm wider air intake cowling
*12mm high wide pitch finning - Well suited to poor air flow situations.
*Supplied complete with boot prop raiser bracket to allowing fitment with single boot prop.
* Supplied complete with powder coated alloy heat tray - The biggest problem with air to air intercooling in the Exige is heat being radiated directly from the engine into the intercooler. Our tray disperses the heat away from the intercooler.
Cold Air Feed Kit
Designed specifically for the Pro Alloy Exige S Intercooler Kit. This cold air feed kit is designed to improve the cold air feed to the Intercooler.
Kit supplied complete with the following components;
Intercooler Air Intake Cowling:
With alloy air intakes already fitted, this cowling is 40mm longer than the Lotus OEM unit, designed to suit our Exige S Intercooler.
Air Duct Hoses:
63mm bore, ready cut to length and with neat "heat shrink" hose finishers. (x 2) 
Side Pod Air Ducts:
With alloy brackets fitted ready to bolt straight in. (x2)
*note, the side air ducts are designed not to take all of the air from the side pods, we feel that engine bay temperatures are equally important to ensure reliability on the Exige.
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Air Feed Kit