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Escort MK1 & MK2 Radiator YB - Cooling Package

Cooling package for Cosworth YB powered Escort MK1 & MK2.

Specifically designed with high powered conversions in mind. Our kit includes the following;

Large front mount intercooler - RS500 style intercooler with 50mm thick extruded core. These cores are extremely efficient due to their internal design. Each tube has dozens of fine alloy ‘fins’ internally, which point into the charge air flow and grab the heat energy.
Quality Radiator - 40mm thick motorsport specification alloy water radiator with high efficiency core

12v SPAL Cooling Fan - Hard mounted single 9" Suction Fan. SPAL fans are quiet, water resistant and extremely reliable; we wouldn't use any other brand - Note; When using a world cup cross member there is only space for 1 x SPAL fan. If you move the engine back and use the chassis rail type mounts, two fans can be fitted.

Optional turbo cooler available.

The Turbo Cooler is an auxiliary radiator which is mounted to the top of the water radiator. The purpose of this cooler is to cool the super heated water as it exits the turbo, eliminating those boost related heat spikes. This water normally is returned to the header tank un-cooled when a turbo cooler is not used.

By adding the turbo cooler you are effectively adding an extra 25% extra cooling area and capacity to the system thus significantly lowering the running temperature of the car.

Our cores are fully brazed in a controlled atmosphere process to comply with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. Our cores all utilise wide port technology, this process offers superior air to water contact, thus maximising the heat rejection properties of the radiator. Wide port tubes offer far greater water flow than the conventional 1/2” wide tubes and are very well suited to classic vehicles with iron engine blocks as the cores are far less likely to block with rust or sediment. All pressure tested to ensure reliability.

Pictured here with optional turbo cooler and extra 9" SPAL fan

Available in either satin silver or satin black.

Satin Silver
Satin Black
Turbo Cooler Kit
Twin Fan Kit