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Corsa D VXR Radiator

High Performance Alloy Water Radiator for the Corsa D VXR

A direct replacement for the standard water radiator our uprated unit is a straight forward fit with no modifications required.

The core tube configuration of the new unit is quite different to the original Vauxhall part in that the tube pitching on the OE unit is very tight, so lots of tubes, but these are quite small and restrictive.

The OE unit has 61 tubes and our new unit has 41. However, even though we have less tubes, as these are 40mm and 0.6mm larger in section the flow area is actually 67% higher than standard.

The surface area of the core is also larger with an increase of 7.7%.

Given that the tube pitching is wider on our new unit this helps with ambient airflow, so will be of benefit on installations where the large front mount intercooler is being used and slowing the ambient airflow down.

Fits with the OEM Fan assembly

Available in either Satin Silver or Satin Black. 

Satin Silver
Satin Black