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Elise / Exige S2 Fuel Tank - Toyota

High Capacity Anti Surge Alloy Fuel Tank for Lotus Elise Series 2 With Toyota Engine

Anybody running a high powered Elise or Exige on track will know that the standard tank arrangement allows the fuel to surge when making left hand corners - This can be a big problem on high revving or turbocharged cars where weak fuelling can cause terminal engine damage.

Developed and tested on our own 500 BHP S1 Exige and 300 BHP VX220, our long range Alloy tank allowed us to run right down to 3ltrs without surge.

Features Include:
  • 54 litre or 60 litre capacity   (standard 44 litre)
  • Internal collector assembly installed with anti surge check valves.
  • Safety foam Type IV FIA polyether
  • Light weight alloy construction weighing 7.2k for 54ltr or 8.65k for 60ltr (standard 10.8k)
  • Alloy construction will not corrode like the standard steel tank
  • Utilises standard fuel pump and sender unit
  • Eliminates the need for external fuel swirl pots and collectors
  • Simple installation using all original fittings and brackets
  • Studded flange accepts standard pump assembly
  • Also available with central collector assembly for use with higher powered cars which may require an aftermarket external gravity fed pump.
Fitting is easy - Our tanks are a direct replacement for the original item and all fixtures and fittings can be retained  (This excludes US Spec Federal cars due to emissions regulations)
This tank and its variants have become the system of choice with race teams who may require the extra capacity without the expense of a bag tank.