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Astra G and Zafira A Intercooler

Our front mounted intercooler improves on the original 9 litre side mounted intercooler by the fact that in most applications over 95% of the frontal area is directly exposed to high pressure air, whereas with the original 9 litre cooler at least 40% is obstructed by the bumper.

To this end on back to back testing at an ambient start temperature of 22 degrees the "OE" intercooler will exceed 74 degrees inlet air temperature, the 9 litre side mounted intercooler sees a respectable 55 degrees, however due to its position and therefore increased efficiency the new Lower Front Mounted Intercooler sees this inlet air temperature drop to 41 degrees.

As a result an Astra Coupe that was dyno tested running standard map, Courtenay front pipe and a Viper Induction Kit produced 205 bhp on the standard "OE" intercooler, and when tested after fitment of our New Lower Front Mounted Intercooler saw an increase of 18 bhp at best case and 15 bhp at worst. As used in Courtenay CS4 Tuning Package.

Available Exclusively from Courtenay sport