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Toyota Yaris GR Header Tank

Due to the popular demand of the Yaris GR, with the platform proving very popular with enthusiasts and showing great results from its tuning capabilities, we wanted to not only offer the best in cooling from our new GR range, but also offer customers the ability to really finish their engine bays off too! Our new hand-built alloy Header Tank will replace the standard brittle plastic tank that can so easily ruin a nice clean, modified engine bay.

With our new alloy header tank, we have also incorporated an internal baffling labyrinth to ensure the cooling system stays at optimum performance under high temperature and pressure. This is achieved with small passageways inside the inlet pipe of the new PRO tank. The body of the tank is entirely hand-fabricated, hand welded and can be bolted into place using all the standard mountings.  Finally, to finish the look off, we have added one of our billet sight glass features which not only shows a quick view of the coolant level but looks the part too!

The new tank is also fitted with the trusty and reliable bayonet style filler cap assembly, which will allow a multitude of cap fitments, including high pressure racing caps.

These tanks are offered in a textured black finish which matches the OEM engine bay nicely, or a brushed silver aluminium finish for those wanting to brighten up the engine bay.

Satin Silver
Satin Black