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Discounted Parts

When things are handmade there’s always going to be the odd mishap, we’re only human! A little ding here or a tiny scratch there, perhaps a blemish in the paint finish. Sometimes these things happen. When they do it means the part won’t pass Pro Alloy’s strict quality tests.

It would be a shame to chuck a product like this in the bin after having hours of skilled work going into it. Especially when it will still offer an improvement over the standard part.

The parts listed in this section are still going to add improvements to your car and function as designed. The products here will still be fit your car as we planned and are pressure tested to the usual high Pro Alloy standards. See the individual listing for defect.

Products listed in this section do not come with the usual Pro Alloy 1 year warranty, they are sold at a discounted rate on a first come first served basis.