Making a Cool Elise... Cooler!

One of Pro Alloy's most recent projects has been working on this road legal 550BHP V8 Lotus Elise with engine development specialists, RS Performance based in Purleigh, Essex.

This massive project has taken a brand new Lotus Elise and given it a huge, steroidal rear end bespoke built for this project. The reason for such a fat backside... well it could be something to do with the mammoth RST V8 Rotex Super Charged Engine coiled like a sleeping Cheetah ready to propel this racing marque to nigh on warp speed!

However the huge V8 power plant wasnít always a V8! Believe it or not the guys at RS Performance performed a feat worthy of a Heart Surgeon by actually mating two... yes two Yamaha FZR 1000 motorcycle engines together to a common bespoke crank. These lightweight Japanese power houses when combined spin the crank to an ear splitting 14,000 RPM producing monster performance that well... we just canít divulge those figures yet!

Obviously an engine this special needs some specialist heavy duty cooling... this is where Pro Alloy brought their expertise to the bench. The team developed a bespoke twin water cooled alloy Intercooler with a high performance intake manifold. This is all plumbed with some rather special pipe-work, again all bespoke for a unique fit.

We have a feeling that when completed this insane hybrid speed monster will not only turn heads but it might just possibly turn the world under its wheels as its huge power is unleashed onto the open road.