Aged Replica Radiators


We’ve been getting rather creative with our finishes lately and we’ve now reached a new level in attention to detail. This aged brass look is completely hand finished, with time and care taken to get just the right look.

This surface finish can be applied to any of our products, but is best suited to our classic range of radiators. In addition to the surface finish, we are also often asked to build very close replica alloy radiators as shown in the pictures here of one of our replica Mustang radiators. This unit has been hand crafted with many of the original details replicated, with the joint configurations matched and TIG welds blended to look just like the soldered joints of the original copper & brass radiator.


 This effect is perfect if you’re looking to retain the same period characteristics of an old original brass radiator, but need to improve the cooling performance to keep up with modern standards. This is particularly desirable for classic cars now being used for competition, where the demands on the cooling system are much greater.

As well as offering the ultimate in cosmetic appearance, applying this surface finish also helps protect the alloy radiator core from oxidation which can occur over time, ensuring your radiator continues to offer the best performance and reliability possible.

This service is available by special request, so please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

The pictures speak for themselves ……


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Aged Replica Radiators