New Development GTR R35 Intercooler Kit

After nearly 3 months of development we are just about ready to reveal our new line up of products for the Nissan R35 GTR..
Its always been our intention to do something a bit special with this car as its tuning potential is immense and they seem to be be falling into the hands of Nurburgring bashers, track day nuts and fast road enthusiats alike and for sure its going to be fairly hard to find an un-modified car in a year or two.
With this in mind we thought it would be a neat idea to build our new range of products so everything is reversable.... by this we mean you won't have to cut bend adjust or modify any part of the car to fit our parts and with regards to the intercooler kit, there are no modifications required to the oem alloy bumper bar so of course, no compromise to safety, therefore everything you need is supplied in the box and when you are done with the car, take the kit of and sell it!
For the intercooler, we have built two different versions, The "Pro" and the "Ultimate"
Both coolers have the same core and hand built end tank design, and are supplied with an alloy air scoop fitted to the cooler and of course all the mounting hardware to fit the cooler.
The main differences are in the pipe work....
"Pro" cooler most of the original boost pipe work and oem filters (or aftermarket) are retained - this kit is ideal for those not aiming for 4 figure BHP levels or for people who may have already invested in an aftermarket boost pipe and air filter set up.
"Ultimate" cooler  boost pipes , bespoke air filter pipes and filters, silicone hoses etc are supplied with this kit, but the big advantage is the configureation is we swap the flow of the cooler round making a much shorter and more responsive boost pipe run, we also re site the air filters and supply complete with 80mm MAF pipes, ideal for 4 figure BHP cars!

Prototype "ultimate" intercooler kit

Other products include an up-rated water radiator, Air filter relocation pipes and a high capacity Alloy water expansion tank and as usual all products will be available to buy online in silver or satin black finish.

In the mean time our tuning partners MGT Racing have purchased all the pre production units and will have them for sale Exclusively over the course of the next few weeks - these are essentially the same as production units  with the only real difference being that they are entirely hand built!
MGT are Skyline and GTR specialists  and have a wealth of knowledge in building big power Nissans for road and race applications.

We expect to be fully on line with production runs in the next two months...
MGT can be contacted here

Thanks To Mark and Garth at MGT for all their input on the development of this kit.

New Development GTR R35 Intercooler Kit