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Lotus Exige 'S' Dual Stage Breather kit.

The principles behind oil separators/breathers is simple, Piston rings do not seal 100% and as a result, pressurized gasses from the combustion chamber leak through to the crank case area and pressurise the crank case and sump. The block then breathes through a pipe which usually feeds the vapour into the inlet system and the engine would then normally burn this nasty mix of oil vapour and condensation therefore potentially lowering the octane rating of your fuel, the effects of this are as follows;

1) Your engine could "Pink" or detonate

2) You will loose power

Also an oily/dirty intake system will reduce the efficiency of your intercooler or chargecooler again lowering the performance of the engine

By separating and catching theses gasses in our two stage breather system we can safely remove these nasties from the crank case and return clean air to the intake tract.

The Exige suffers particularly badly from oil breathing issues due to the high revving nature of the Toyota engine and the fact that many of them are pushed hard on track.

Our breather system isnít just an alloy pot either Ė inside we have a two stage separation system,

Stage one is performed by a baffle plate which de-aireates the oil air mix

Stage two is performed by a special poly ether foam compound which collects and stabilises the oil therefore stopping it from being pushed out of the outlet pipe .

Maintenance is of our tanks is simple- just remove one bolt from the retaining bracket to pull the pots out of the location pin on the bottom , this then gives you access to the twin drain points on the bottom of the tanks.

These tanks can also periodically removed from the car and washed out if required.

Supplied in satin black powder coat or brushed alloy finish.

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Breathe Like a Pro!