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 BMW 135i Intercooler Package£649.95  
 Nissan GTR-35 Induction Pipe Upgrade Kit £495.00  
 Renault Megane R26 Intercooler£459.00  
  Audi TTRS Intercooler Kit£599.00  
 Corsa VXR Uprated Alloy Radiator£465.00  
 Escort RS Turbo S2 Front Mount Intercooler Kit£445.00  
 Fabia VRS (1.8T) Front Mount Intercooler Kit£675.00  
 Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo Front Mount Intercooler Kit£469.00  
 Focus RS MK1 Front Mount Intercooler Kit£899.00  
 Focus RS MK2 Ulimate Intercooler Kit£789.00  
 Focus ST WRC Style Front Mount Intercooler Kit£469.00  
 Noble M12 / M400 Intercooler£699.00  
 Renault Megane RS Intercooler & Turbo Cooler Package£635.00  
 Sierra RS500 Style Intercooler 60mm Pipes£379.00  
 VX220 Turbo Charge Cooler System£1,399.00  
  Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo Induction Pipe£89.00  
  Sierra RS500 Style Intercooler 3" Pipes£389.00  
 Audi S3 (2.0TFSI) Intercooler Kit£599.00  
 BMW 1M Intercooler Package£649.95  
 Corsa VXR Uprated Intercooler (Courtenay)   
 Cosworth Turbo Cooler£155.00  
 Fabia VRS (1.8T) Front Mount Intercooler - High Power   
 Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo 3" Straight Induction Pipe£79.00  
 Focus RS MK2 Intercooler Kit£499.00  
 Focus ST Alloy Boost Pipe Kit£290.00  
 Nissan GT-R35 High Capacity Header Tank£327.50  
 Nissan GT-R35 Intercooler Kit From £1,595.00  
 Audi S3 (1.8T) Intercooler Kit£695.00  
 Audi TT (1.8T) Intercooler Kit 70mm Pipes£790.00  
 Cosworth High Performance Fan Kit£142.50  
 Escort RS TURBO S2 Double Capacity Intercooler£285.00  
 Fiesta ST 180 MK7 Intercooler Kit £462.00  
 Focus RS MK2 High Performance Radiator£469.00  
 Focus ST Alloy Cold Side Pipe Kit£98.00  
 Lotus Exige 'S' Charge Cooler System£1,399.00  
 Octavia VRS 1.8T Front Mount Intercooler Kit£699.00  
 Sierra RS500 Style Intercooler - 63mm Core£429.00  
 Astra G & Zafira A Front Mount Intercooler Kit (Courtenay)   
 Audi TT 180/225 (1.8T) Intercooler Kit £695.00  
 Cosworth Radiator or Intercooler Fitting Kit£15.00  
 Focus RS MK2 Alloy Boost Pipe Kit£290.00  
 Focus ST 2.0 Ecoboost Alloy Boost Pipe Kit (ST3)£329.00  
 Focus ST 2.0 Ecoboost Intercooler Kit (ST3)£499.00  
 Focus ST Alloy Water Radiator£459.00  
 Lotus Exige 'S' Charge Cooler System Complete With Water Radiator£1,650.00  
 Astra H VXR Uprated Water Radiator£395.00  
 Audi A3 (1.8T) 1999> Intercooler Kit £695.00  
 Escort Cosworth RS500 Type Intercooler£379.00  
 Noble M400 Hard Pipe Kit£382.50  
 Astra H VXR Uprated Intercooler Kit (Courtenay)   
 Escort Cosworth RS500 Style Intercooler 3" Pipes£389.00  
 Escort Cosworth RS500 Intercooler - 63mm Core£429.00  
 Lotus Exige S Uprated Intercooler£545.00  
 Cold Air Feed Kit (Pro Alloy Exige Intercooler)£227.50  
 180 Degree Loop£18.50  
 Andy Brown's Cosworth powered mini   
 Astra H CDTI 1.9 150ps Intercooler Kit (Courtenay)   
 Astra J VXR Intercooler Kit (Courtenay)   
 Bespoke intercooler for a Saab specialist   
 Bespoke intercooler for Rs 1700   
 Bespoke Intercoolers   
 Corrado G60 Front Mount Intercooler Kit£679.00  
 Cosworth Alloy Water Reservoir£185.00  
 Cosworth Powered Mini Intercooler and Radiator package   
 Custom Skyline intercooler   
 Defender TD5 Front Mount Intercooler£434.00  
 Discovery TD5 Front Mount Intercooler£434.00  
 Escort Cosworth RS500 intercooler (BIG TURBO CAR)£369.00  
 Escort MK1/2 YB Powered Cooling Package£865.00  
 Escort RS TURBO Series 1 Front Mount Intercooler£445.00  
 Fiat Punto Turbo Front Mount Intercooler Kit£425.00  
 Fiesta TURBO Double Capacity Intercooler£294.00  
 Fiesta TURBO Front Mount Intercooler£445.00  
 Focus STRS Spec Intercooler£499.00  
 Ford Focus RS 500   
 Golf MK2 (1.8T) Cooling Package£995.00  
 Golf MK4 1.8T Front Mount Intercooler Kit£750.00  
 Golf R Intercooler Upgrade£599.00  
 Intercooler built for a Dutch Rallycross team   
 Intercooler built for OMS single seater.   
 Intercooler for platform projectors fitted to the London Underground.   
 Legier Intercooler   
 Lotus Exige S Breather System (Not V6)£229.00  
 MB motorsport Rad and Intercooler package for R34 engined S15 Drift car   
 Pro Alloy "ultimate V2" intercooler... one of our new developments for the Focus RS mk2...   
 Pro Logo Spray Stencil (Intercooler/Radiator)£12.00  
 Renault 5 GT Turbo Front Mount Intercooler Kit£449.00  
 Scirocco R Intercooler Upgrade£599.00  
 SEAT Ibiza Cupra Front Mount Intercooler Kit£699.00  
 SEAT Leon Cupra (1.8T) Front Mount Intercooler Kit£699.00  
 Subaru Impreza Turbo Front Mount Intercooler Kit (94-98)£799.00  
 Universal intercooler type 'A'£240.00  
 Universal intercooler type 'B'£240.00  
 Vectra VXR Intercooler (Courtenay)   
 Volvo C30 T5 Intercooler Kit    
 Focus STRS Spec Boost Pipe Kit£290.00  
 Focus STRS Spec Cold Side Pipe Kit£98.00  
 Insignia VXR Intercooler (Courtenay / Klasen)   
 Fiesta TURBO Alloy Fast Road Radiator£322.50  
 Calibra Turbo Front Mount Intercooler Kit£545.00  
 Fiesta TURBO Alloy Race Spec Radiator£348.00  
  Amal Valve Bracket£27.50  
 Escort RS Turbo S2 Uprated Fan Kit£138.50