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 Nissan GT-R35 intercooler kit From £1,595.00  
 Nissan GT-R35 high capacity header tank£327.50  
 Lotus Exige "s" Breather system (Not V6)£225.00  
  Audi TTRS Intercooler kit£599.00  
  SIERRA RS500 style intercooler 3"PIPES£380.00  
 180 Degree Loop£18.50  
 Andy Brown's Cosworth powered mini   
 Astra G & Zafira A Front Mount Intercooler Kit (Courtenay)   
 Astra H CDTI 1.9 150ps Intercooler kit (Courtenay)   
 Astra J VXR intercooler kit (Courtenay)   
 Audi A3 (1.8t) 1999> intercooler kit £695.00  
 Audi S3 (2.0TFSI) front mount intercooler kit£599.00  
 Audi TT (1.8t) Front Mount Intercooler Kit 70mm Pipes£790.00  
 Bespoke intercooler for a Saab specialist   
 Bespoke intercooler for Rs 1700   
 Bespoke Intercoolers   
 Calibra Turbo Front Mount Intercooler Kit£525.00  
 Cold air feed kit (Pro Alloy Exige intercooler)£225.00  
 Corrado G60 Front Mount Intercooler Kit£675.00  
 Corsa VXR radiator£465.00  
 Cosworth Alloy water reservoir£180.00  
 Cosworth Powered Mini Intercooler and Radiator package   
 Cosworth Turbo After cooler£155.00  
 Custom Skyline intercooler   
 Escort Cosworth RS 500 type intercooler £360.00  
 Escort Cosworth RS500 intercooler (BIG TURBO CAR)£369.00  
 Escort Mk1/2 YB cosworth powered cooling package£815.00  
 Escort RS TURBO S2 Double Capacity Intercooler£275.00  
 Escort RS Turbo S2 Front Mount Intercooler Kit£430.00  
 Escort RS TURBO Series 1 Front Mount Intercooler£425.00  
 Fiat Coupe 20v 3" Straight Induction Pipe£79.00  
 Fiat coupe 20V Turbo Front mount intercooler kit£459.00  
 Fiat Punto TURBO Front mount Intercooler£415.00  
 Fiesta ST 180 Mk 7 Intercooler kit £450.00  
 Fiesta TURBO Double Capacity Intercooler£285.00  
 Fiesta TURBO Front Mount Intercooler£405.00  
 Focus RS mk 2 Alloy boost pipe kit£285.00  
 Focus RS mk 2 ULTIMATE intercooler kit£770.00  
 Focus RS mk1 Front Mount Intercooler Kit£899.00  
 Focus RS MK2 Intercooler Kit£499.00  
 Focus ST 2.0 Ecoboost Alloy Boost Pipe kit (ST3)£325.00  
 Focus ST 2.0 Ecoboost Intercooler kit (ST3)£499.00  
 Focus ST Alloy boost pipe kit£285.00  
 Focus ST intercooler... "STRS"£499.00  
 Focus ST WRC Style Front Mount Intercooler Kit£465.00  
 Ford Focus RS 500   
 Golf mk 4 1.8T Front Mount Intercooler Kit£750.00  
 Golf R intercooler upgrade£599.00  
 Intercooler built for a Dutch Rallycross team   
 Intercooler built for OMS single seater.   
 Intercooler for platform projectors fitted to the London Underground.   
 Legier Intercooler   
 Lotus Exige S uprated intercooler£540.00  
 Lotus Exige 'S' Charge cooler system complete with Pro Alloy water radiator upgrade£1,650.00  
 MB motorsport Rad and Intercooler package for R34 engined S15 Drift car   
 MK2 GOLF (1.8T) Cooling package£985.00  
 Noble M12 /M400 Intercooler Upgrade£695.00  
 Pro Alloy "ultimate V2" intercooler... one of our new developments for the Focus RS mk2...   
 PRO spray stencil (Intercooler/Radiator)£12.00  
 Renault 5 GT TURBO front mount intercooler kit£429.00  
 Renault Megane RS intercooler kit From £165.00  
 Scirocco R intercooler upgrade£599.00  
 Seat Ibiza Cupra Front Mount Intercooler Kit£695.00  
 SEAT Leon/Cupra (1.8T) Front Mount Intercooler Kit£695.00  
 Sierra Cosworth RS 500 Style Intercooler 60mm pipes£369.00  
 Sierra/Escort Cosworth RS 500 intercooler (65mm core)£410.00  
 Skoda Octavia VRS1.8T Front mount intercooler kit£695.00  
 Subaru Impreza TURBO front mount intercooler kit (94-98)£799.00  
 Universal intercooler type 'A'£240.00  
 Universal intercooler type 'B'£240.00  
 Volvo C30 T5 intercooler kit    
 Cosworth High performance fan kit£140.00  
 Focus ST Alloy water radiator£459.00  
 Fiesta TURBO Alloy Race Spec radiator£340.00  
 Focus RS Mk2 High performance Radiator£459.00  
 Fiesta TURBO Alloy Fast Road radiator£315.00  
 Audi TT 180/225 (1.8t) Front Mount Intercooler Kit £695.00  
 Cosworth Radiator or Intercooler Fitting Kit£15.00  
  Amal Valve Bracket£27.50  
 Noble M400 Hard Pipe Kit£375.00  
 Astra VXR (H) Uprated Water Radiator£385.00  
 Lotus Exige 'S' Charge Cooler System£1,399.00  
 VX220 TURBO Charge cooler system£1,399.00  
 Focus ST Alloy Cold Side Pipe Kit£95.00  
  Fiat coupe 20V Turbo Straight Induction Pipe£79.00  
 Escort RS Turbo S2 Uprated Fan Kit£135.00