We can produce Alloy racing and replica fuel tanks to just about any shape
or size, working from drawings, samples, photographs or even on the car itself...
PRO ALLOY racing fuel tanks are more than just an alloy box that holds fuel!
Most of our tanks have bolted aircraft type inspection plates and are filled with
internal collector systems and poly ether safety foam.

See below for a few key features of our bespoke fuel tanks.

Safety Foam

 Why should I have safety foam in my fuel tank?

 It isn’t absolutely essential to have safety foam but it’s definitely an advantage, and it is what it says it is, ‘safety’ foam. The foam is designed to function essentially as a three dimensional fire screen. In a fuel tank the empty space above the fuel level may readily contain an explosive mixture of fuel vapor and air. It is in this area where an explosion can occur, should it be ignited by any source. Since the liquid itself does not explode, a completely filled tank is far less likely to explode than one that is not full. Obviously, the lower the fuel level in the tank, the greater the amount of explosive vapor present. When an ignition source is present (perhaps from a spark), the vapor adjacent to the spark ignites rapidly. This ignition, in turn, ignites the vapor around it, creating a chain reaction. The safety foam prevents this chain reaction from occurring; instead, vapor ignition is confined to the area immediately around the ignition source.

The foam is also designed to help minimize fuel spray in the event of a fuel tank becoming ruptured during an accident, reducing the amount of fuel being sprayed around the vehicle.

It also helps prevent rapid movement of fuel within the tank acting as a very efficient baffle.This foam is also compatible with Methanol,unleaded,4 star,Diesel,oil,Av gas,and water.

Safety foam being added to a Pro Alloy Fuel tank. (above)


Do we keep standard fuel tanks in stock?

We do have a range of tanks for various makes and models which we can build and supply directly to the customer, these include our Lotus Range of high capacity anti-surge tanks which have proven to be very popular and we often supply from stock, However we believe in designing and manufacturing products that perform without compromise so if you need something a little bit different let us know- we can make just about anything!.

We also build our PRO TANK range of fuel tanks, these are a standard item available in different lengths, but we discuss the requirements with the customer and adapt the design the suit the vehicle, ensuring that details such as pick-up and return fittings are in the correct place to suit the plumbing installation and of the correct size to suit the pump and BHP requirements.


Some other examples of our fuel tanks


Tiger R6 kit car                                                                               MGA twin cam


Wheel well tank                                                                          Cosworth powered Ford100e


 Ferrari 212                                                                                Aston Martin DB5


 Classic Mercedes                                                                     Ben Birch's Cosworth powered MK2 Escort


Fuel swirl pots                                                                              Renton/Lee Manning's Reyland Cosworth




Our attention to detail is second to none - Alloy rivetts being inserted into a Bentley racing fuel tank being built for P&A Wood.




 The finished article proir to painting

 For more information or advice please contact Alex Osborn on 01440 710266 or alex@proalloy.co.uk




Pro Tank - Boot Mounted Fuel Tank
Pro Tank - Boot Mounted Fuel Tank