Europa Charge Cooler System

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Europa Charge Cooler System

High Performance Charge Cooler Kit.


Now with new 7 row single core!

The cooling is performed at the front of the car via an auxillary alloy water radiator in a high air flow position whilst the charge cooler itself replaces the standard air to air intercooler and although it is a similar size externally to the intercooler, it offers far less restriction die to the internal design of the core.
(We have run 550 bhp through our 7 row charge cooler units)
Our high performance kit consists of the following parts; 
  • 7 row Charge Cooler Unit
  • Full Size Pre Rad 
  • The water is stored in a 3.5 litre alloy Header Tank which is conveniently situated in the rear engine bay.
  • BOSCH water pump.
  • Black water hoses and stainless steel clips.

  Available in either satin silver (shown here) or satin black.

Item Tick To Buy Price
Europa Charge Cooler System - Satin Black £1399.00
Europa Charge Cooler System - Satin Silver £1399.00