Datsun 240z Fuel Tank


Picture of Datsun 240z Fuel Tank
Image of Datsun 240z Fuel Tank
Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd - Datsun 240z Fuel Tank

Datsun 240z Fuel Tank

This beautiful replacement 240Z Aluminium fuel tank has been designed as a direct replacement for the standard unit, utilising the original mounting straps, this tank fits into the stock location and connects up with all the standard hoses and fuel sender unit.

The fuel tank is supplied as standard fitted with one of our fuel tank access plates to allow internal cleaning and tank maintenance as required.

Internally the tank is also fitted with a Pro Alloy internal anti surge fuel collector assembly to help minimise fuel surge and starvation issues when used on track.

The tank can also be supplied without the standard fuel sender unit aperture, but with an alternative top opening to suit a modern VDO ‘Dip Pipe’ style level sender unit if required. (N.B: This isn’t compatible with the stock Datsun fuel level gauge)

As standard the tank is supplied in a natural brushed alloy finish.

We are also able to offer this same design of fuel tank with a number of alternative upgrade options.

The addition of the internal high pressure fuel pump is a great option for cars running at high BHP, or for cars fitted with different engine conversions where the stock fuel pump may not be able to supply sufficient fuel delivery.

Item Tick To Buy Price
240z Aluminium Fuel Tank £819.00
Fabrication & Installation of Custom Internal Collector Assembly £99.00
Supply & Installation of VDO Fuel Level Sender Unit £55.00
Supply and installation of Walbro GST450 Internal High Pressure Fuel Pump Inc. Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump mounting fixture with all internal plumbing & pump wiring. £197.50
Supply of VDO Fuel Level Gauge £49.00
Supply Fuel Tank in Satin Black Powder Coated Finish £45.00